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PUMA You vs You

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Client ServicesCreative, Production, Social Media

We successfully highlighted the PUMA’s training and running credentials with the launch of two new product ranges: PUMA Modest Wear and the First Mile collection.

The goal was to inspire individuals to surpass their own limits and establish their own legacies.

We developed the conceptualisation and creation of a hero film, social cut-downs, photography and key visuals that captured the excitement of running and training while challenging one's own capabilities, all produced in-region.

The result was a remarkable piece of art - a powerful film that portrayed the essence of the campaign and effectively showcased PUMA's commitment to empowering individuals in their fitness journeys.


By executing the campaign across multiple touchpoints, including social media, in-store placement & experiences, the official PUMA Middle East website, and influencer partnerships, we maximized the campaign's impact and ensured that PUMA's strengths in training and running were effectively communicated to a diverse and engaged audience in the UAE and KSA.