Puma x Warehouse Gym Branding

PUMA x Warehouse Gym Co-Branding

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Client ServicesBranding, Visual Identity, Asset Design

When brands collide. A cross-location branding system and full in-gym asset design to launch the new partnership between PUMA and Warehouse Gym.

Design Born from Dubai's Landscape: At the heart of the new partnership was a distinctive co-branding system that drew inspiration from the 9 Warehouse Gym locations scattered across Dubai. Each location possesses its own character, each mirroring the city's diverse landscape. The gyms, while unique, share an unmistakable Warehouse Gym quality, and this is exactly what the branding looked to achieve.

Patterns that Tell a Story: For each gym, a bespoke pattern emerged, inspired by the location itself. Al Quoz, renowned for its industrial backdrop, inspired a unique pattern fashioned from corrugated metal. Jumeirah Park, nestled in a villa community, derived its texture from the rooftops that define the area. When one thinks of DIFC, the iconic gate structure comes to mind, giving birth to an identity influenced by the area's distinctive blocky architecture. Each location’s motif was designed to not only establish its own location, but an integrated part of the larger portfolio – and embedded into a lock-up alongside its new partner: PUMA.

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