Hendrick's Gin Cucumber Day 2022

ClientHendrick's Gin
Client ServicesPR, Social Media, Digital, Creative

Hendrick’s Gin - a refreshingly curious brand that serves as a year-round tipple also celebrates a most unusual day every year, rejoicing the fruit best known for infusing the gin itself... the humble cucumber.


We had to build on the historical success story of reaching sky-high numbers of physical cucumber exchanges in its first year, with over 17,000 cucumbers being swapped in Dubai alone.

So, how did we make this special Cucumber Day delectably different in 2022?

We turned the day green. Literally.

Taking inspiration from global trends of sustainability and digital accessibility, we digitised the cucumber swap.

Our eco-friendly cucumbers thrived in people’s pockets, ready to be exchanged at one of over 70 bars across the UAE on Cucumber Day itself, encouraging liquid on lips as well as a jolly good time (and let’s not forget the all-important data capture for future brand building).

The 360-campaign included crunchy cucumber content, odd (although perfectly matched) cucumber and rose socks for media and influencer seeding, and activation of immersive brand experiences across the city – culminating in Hendrick’s Gin being the talk of the town.

Hendrick's Content
Earned media

Over 14.4m Dubai residents reached through PR.

Social media

2.7m+ impressions across social and digital media.


Tens of thousands of digital cucumbers shared.