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Converse: Create Next is a global campaign concept inspired by the next generation of artists, athletes, musicians and creators.

Activating around the world, each unique city is challenged to tackle a global theme of relevance.

In Dubai’s case - inclusivity.

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We brought together two Dubai-based artists - Abdulla Lutfi, an artist of determination, and Maddy Butcher, a renowned street artist.

Together, they created a mural representing the spirit of togetherness and celebrating Dubai's blend of people and cultures.

From mural build to hype build, the integrated campaign included multiple channel touchpoints from social seeding to live coverage of the unveiling, interviews to store launches – each one allowing the artists to tell their story of involvement, with both impact and humanity.

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Fully integrated on and offline campaign.


Our hero film reached over 1m people.


50+ media & influencers created "Chuck Lace" content.